Meeting on Professionalism (Encuentro sobre la Profesionalidad)

Meeting on Professionalism (Encuentro sobre la Profesionalidad)

The Gypsy Secretariat Foundation (Fundación Secretariado Gitano)

Encuentro sobre la Profesionalidad

(Attendance by invitation only)

The Meeting on Professionalism will take place on the 2nd of July. This event has two key objectives: Firstly, to present a project, which is the culmination of three months of work, by the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation. Secondly, to reflect on professionalism in general. The aim is to bring together people from the field of human resources, corporate social responsibility and various other professionals with a wide range of backgrounds, in order to explore in depth the different aspects of professionalism.

Attendees of the event are expected to be representatives from different interest groups of the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation, including internal and administrative staff, members of other organizations from the tertiary sector and professionals from within the world of HR and CSR. It will be an ideal event for those who want to learn more about professionalism and discover new ways of improving social structures through the social-working integration of groups with social difficulties.

The objective of the dialogue, which will be developed throughout the day by specialist speakers, and examinations of real-life cases, is to find answers to questions such as, what is a professional employee? How do you identify one? How do you encourage professionalism in the workplace? Is a professional born or made? What is the mark of a professional in  Spain? How can the social structure be improved to include professionals who are at risk of exclusion? In this way, a professionalism will be manifested that transcends race, religion and status. Professionalism should be an integrating element that is both widespread and diverse.

As the day develops, professionals, who are both members and non-members of the gypsy community, will relate their experiences, alongside experts in HR, CSR and social integration. Specialists in talent management and leadership will also give talks in our search for answers that also meet the challenges that professionalism presents.

The Gypsy Secretariat Foundation

Since 1982 the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation (FSG) has worked towards achieving respect and support for their cultural identity. They promote equal access for the gypsy community to rights, services, goods and social resources, matching that of the rest of society.

In order to achieve this mission, the foundation inspires actions in the form of professional training and employment, education, health, housing etc. This is all will the ultimate aim of improving the living conditions of the most disadvantaged within the gypsy culture, promoting equality and fighting discrimination.

Throughout its history, the Gypsy Secretariat Foundation has received many acknowledgements for its work from various institutions and organizations.

From 1 to 2 of july of 2013