Biblioteca Musical Víctor Espinós

Founded in 1919, it is a centre that is dedicated to the dissemination and promotion of music education. From its very beginning, the library has had a distinct character, which emphasises services to the public and the welcoming of all types of users.

In 1932 the library pioneered an instrument lending service, with the aim of facilitating musical studies for those with scarce economic resources. The centre’s collection is, in terms of both quality and rarity, one of the most important collections in both Madrid and the entire country, especially in terms of Spanish music.

Parts of the collection, available for lending out or for viewing within the library, which stand stand out include, treaties, biographies, and other books about music theory, practice, composers and performers, a well-stocked department of study, solfeggio and harmony methods, as well as other educational works, and musical scores for a large variety of instruments, styles and periods. The library also has to offer both old and modern reviews and periodicals, music recordings and videos, concert programmes, posters and information about the musical life of our city and, as its truly exceptional pieces, a collection of musical scores that are based on El Quijote.

The library offers the following services: Bibliographic catalogues and information, book and music score reading rooms, lending out of books and music scores, photocopying, lending out of musical instruments, individual and group rehearsal cabins, music video viewing cabins and a listening room.

The library offers 30 reading posts.

Conde Duque, 9

91 588 57 51 / 55 / 39


Opening times
Lun-Vie de 8:30 a 21h