Hemeroteca Municipal

The Municipal Newspaper Library (Hemeroteca Municipal), founded  in 1916, was inaugurated in 1918 in the old Slaughter House (Casa de la Carnicería) in the Plaza Mayor. The library’s collection grew quickly with numerous acquisitions, as well as notable deposits and donations from both private sources and official entities. During the second Spanish Republic, this important collection acquired well-deserved recognition both in Spain and abroad. During the civil war it grew even more as it collected publications from the two contending sides. In 1983 it was moved from the Town Square to the restored barracks of the Royal Guard Corps, currently known as Conde Duque.

The library holds almost 250,000 volumes, corresponding to 25,000 titles. There are records and information dating back to the 16th century, and newspapers dating back to the 17th century, when the newspaper press was first used. There are many publications from the 18th and 19th centuries, the Restoration and both Republics.

From 1966 onwards, because of resource constraints, the library was restricted to the reception of publications that have been edited in Madrid, that form the largest part of the collection. However, the library continues to conserve valuable titles that come from other areas of Spain, Latin America and various European countries.

In 1949 the library opened a microfilm reproduction service, the first in Spain. In 1992 it also opened Spain’s first microform reading room. In 1986, systematic microfilming of the collection began and in 1998 the digitalisation process began, facilitating the access and circulation of this rich collection via the internet.

The library frequently organises cultural activities, including guided visits, which can be varied according to the visitor’s background and interests. After another relocation, on December 23rd 2011 the library opened the doors of its new facilities on the Conde Duque’s North Patio.

The library has also incorporated into its services the ability to reference other virtual newspaper libraries and digital presses. All of the library’s rooms have WiFi connection.

Conde Duque, 9 y 11
91 588 57 71
Opening times
Monday – Friday, 9.00 – 21.00
Useful information
People over the age of eighteen who hold a Public Library Network card (carné de la Red de Bibliotecas Públicas) or a temporary pass - available on presentation of DNI or passport.