Museo de Arte Contemporáneo

“In his Structural Anthropology, Claude Lévi-Strauss taught us that 'formal analysis immediately raises the question of meaning'. In that sense, a formal analysis of the works that make up a collection and the collection itself as an entity in the context of a museum or institution always implies a certain sequencing which we might call "The Order of the Collection". Here this order is predicated on the syntagma of The Portable Museum, the vessel of the entire project deployed in these two galleries of the Museum of Contemporary Art (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo/MAC), and that syntagma serves as the nexus between two interconnected realities: the permanent collection and the Study of Ramón Gómez de la Serna. Portability is a trait that interlaces and defines both levels and contents, underscoring their transitory nature and cementing the notion of a mobile museum within a museum.

For who can deny that Ramón's study is a museum within the museum, or that the works in a collection constitute a portable museum inside a museum? The new "reading" of the collection is based on the articulation of four independent units—Form and Gesture, Figure and Reality, Image and the City and Oneness and Multiplicity—all of which can also be applied to Ramón's study, the basis of this new interpretation of the collection and of the programme that will bring it to life (…)

This felicitous conjunction of selected pieces from the museum's permanent collection with images of the art and objects that Ramón collected in his study, the new identifying hallmark of the Museum of Contemporary Art of Madrid, has allowed us to interweave a variety of concepts and realities which, thanks to the fascinating formula of "the museum within the museum", will establish an appealing programme for the institution in the very near future”.

(Eduardo Alaminos López, Director of Museo de Arte Contemporáneo)

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