Vaulted Room

The Sala de Bóvedas (Vaulted Room) is beneath Exhibition Hall 1 and leads directly out onto the narrow street of Las Negras. It gets its name from the five independent vaulted ceilings featured in its structure, plus another that serves as a hallway, that run parallel to each other and perpendicular to the street. Each vault is a different size, with the average being 15 metres long by 5.50 metres wide and 8 metres high. The room has a total of 504 m² of usable space and has a maximum capacity of 168 people, depending on the kind of activity planned. These rooms, formerly the barracks stables, and are connected to each other by a corridor running parallel to the street. They are brick built rather than panelled. The Sala de Bóvedas is an exceptionally versatile space that can be used for dance and theatre events, fashion shows, performances and all kinds of other activities.


From may 27 to september 24 of 2017

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