Symphonos 18

Festival of the Arts in the Music District
13 to 20 April 2018

For the fourth year running, the association Entorno Conde Duque is organising Symphonos, the only festival where various cultural institutions from the same neighbourhood work together to offer a joint artistic programme devoted to a particular theme.

This year, the fourth edition of Symphonos will revolve around the theme Two-Way Journey, reminiscing on the blend of cultures and syncretism which have enriched cultural expression in Spain and Ibero-America for centuries. The central focus will be on the diversity of this collectively-constructed tradition, with an extensive programme of free activities that explore these transformations from very different perspectives.

Entorno Conde Duque comprises: Víctor Espinós Music Library, Amaniel Professional Music Conservatory, the Advanced Singing School (Escuela Superior de Canto), Música Creativa, Cerralbo Museum, ABC Museum of Drawing and Illustration, MovART, Twin Gallery and Cines Renoir Princesa. Conde Duque Cultural Centre will also be taking part in this activity, which combines tradition with innovation.