Conde Duque houses a performance space that is characterised by its versatility and technical equipment, making it ideal for both theatre and dance performances. With a floor space of 2,093m², it offers a perfect area for creativity from an open perspective to all performance disciplines. It is especially apt for the world of dance, offering a great opportunity to Madrid’s dance companies to carry on developing the city’s dance scene.

The Conde Duque Theatre is located on the first floor of the South Terrace, on the West side. Although it is a large theatre, with a 12 x 17m stage and a 5.99m high fly space, the stalls have been designed to give the audience a proximity and intimacy to the stage. The inauguration of the theatre will allow, for the first time in the centre's history, all forms of artistic expression to be able to work alongside each other, forming a new Conde Duque

Dimensions: 2,093m².
Capacity: 253 seats (including 4 seats for visitors with disabilities and their chaperones).
Dressing rooms: 4.
Stage: Proscenium arch of 11m wide x 5m high; staging area: 17m wide x 11m deep; fly space: 7.25m.

Activities of the space

Recepción de solicitudes hasta el 27 de enero de 2019




4 de enero de 2019


2 de enero de 2019


Cía. Baal

29 y 30 de diciembre de 2018



28 de diciembre de 2018


27 de diciembre de 2018


Polimetría 21 - Down Madrid

26 de diciembre de 2018